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Gardening & Self-Sufficiency Guides

Whether you're new to gardening or a seasoned professional, there's always new information being discovered in the world of plants. At Main Street Seed and Supply, our gardening guides are yours to apply in the backyard. Growing flowers, herbs and vegetables are distinctly different tasks. Learn how to start a garden and keep it flourishing. You might find there's more to gardening than just sunlight, fertilizing and watering.

Read through our best gardening tips and tricks. The information is constantly being updated so you have the best information possible. If you're struggling with any step, we invite you to ask questions. Your query might be the same as another gardener. By helping out the gardening community with planting instructions, everyone can have an enviable yard.

Start out with planting tips for beginners. Remember that the soil is the most important component at first. Move onto other blogs that discuss your particular plants. From pest control to fruiting success, our resources can keep your garden thriving through any season. Visit often because we have new blogs every month for your enjoyment. By partnering together, experts and gardening enthusiasts can make a struggling yard into a land of plenty.

General Gardening Guides

Seed Germination & Dormancy
5 Tips and Ideas for Summer Garden Care
GMO, Hybrid & Heirloom Seeds

Learn How to Grow Fruits from Seed

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Organic Summer Watermelons

Learn About Vegetable Seeds

How to Grow Pumpkins in Your Vegetable Garden

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Choosing Vegetable Seeds Tips

Choosing Vegetable Seeds for Different Climates

Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks

Planting Chart

Treated, Untreated, and Organic

Sweet Corn Genotype Description

Tips for Growing Peppers in Your Vegetable Garden

How To Plant & Grow Eggplant Seeds in Your Vegetable Garden

Growing Sweet Corn in Your Vegetable Garden – How-To Tips

How to Grow Cabbage Plants in Your Vegetable Garden

Tips & Tricks – How To Grow Broccoli in Your Vegetable Garden

How To Guide - Tips for Growing Carrots in Your Vegetable Garden

How To – Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Your Vegetable Garden

Tips for Growing Onions in Your Vegetable Garden

Tips For Growing the Most Flavorful Asparagus

Learn About Flower Seeds

Choosing Flower Seed

How to Start A Flower Garden

Flower Gardening Tips and Tricks

Decorating Your Garden

Growing Alyssum Flowers

Gardening How To – Tips for Growing Sunflowers

Comprehensive Guide to Growing Baby’s Breath

Tips for Growing & Caring for Alyssum Flowers


Wild Bird Seed for Bird Watching

Bird Watching for Beginners


Which Type of Fence

Gazing Globes

Choosing a Gazing Globe

Gazing Balls for Garden Decorations

History of the Gazing Globe

Pond Care & Maintenance

Pond Information

Pond Stocking