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Bulk Non-GMO Turnip Seeds for Gardening & Food Plot

Our non-GMO turnip varieties make it easy to grow turnip greens for your whole household to enjoy. Additionally, you can buy turnip seeds for larger farm operations for an easy, high-yield crop that won't need a lot of space to thrive. They're hardy and easy to grow.

Not only have turnips long been a staple in many people’s diets, they are also used in food plots. Many people practice planting turnip seeds for deer because the deer love both the leafy tops and the turnips themselves. Buying bulk turnip seeds means you can attract deer without breaking the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turnip Seeds

What are the different types of turnips?

  • Baby turnips are often turnips that have been harvested early or are a specialty variety that does not grow very big.
  • Purple Top: This is the classic turnip many of us would recognize by its round white body and purple shoulders. This turnip has a spicy flavor but can be slightly sweet when harvested early.
  • Golden Ball: The Golden Ball turnip is sweet and gets its name from its yellow flesh.
  • Seven Top: This type of turnip is only grown for its green delicious leaves.
  • Hakurei: The Hakurei turnip is one of the fastest-growing turnip varieties. It has a very sweet white body and is used by many chefs everywhere.

When is the best time to plant turnips?

Turnips are a fast-growing vegetable. You can harvest small turnips after about five or six weeks, and large, fully mature turnips are ready in about eight weeks. Turnips have better flavor when grown in cooler weather, so the best time to plant turnip seeds is either mid- to late spring or late summer.

How do I plant turnips?

The best way to plant turnips is to direct-sow seeds outside. Plant seeds in a location with full sun and well-draining soil. You will need to keep the soil moist for the best results. As previously mentioned, turnips are fast growers, so you can expect to see some growth not long after planting seeds. For small turnips, harvest after five or six weeks. For large turnips, harvest after eight weeks.

How deep do you plant turnip seeds?

Plant turnip seeds about 1/2 inch deep, leaving an inch of space between each seed. Once seedlings emerge and grow their first leaves, you can thin the seedlings to be 4 to 6 inches apart. If growing in rows, leave at least a foot of space between the rows.

When should I plant turnips for deer?

Deer love both the tops and roots of turnips, making them a popular choice for attracting wildlife. If you are planting turnips to attract deer and perhaps even to hunt, we recommend planting the turnips in late summer — July and August, if you live in northern states and late fall for southern states. If you're unsure which variety to plant, purple-top turnips are a customer favorite as they are easy to grow and deer love them.