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Bird Watching For Beginners

If you have always been fascinated with birds, bird watching, or “birding” is a wonderful hobby to start. For beginners, there are a few things you should know before you begin your quest. The first thing you should learn is what birds are most common to your region. You can most likely find this information out by either researching it on the Internet or purchasing what is called a field guide. A field guide for bird watching lists all of the various species, and should also include detailed pictures so that you can compare what you see to the picture and verify that you have in fact spotted that particular type of bird. A field guide may be the better option, because you can carry it with you when you go bird watching and can also write in it and take notes. Invest in a good pair of binoculars. These are a must if you want to do some serious bird watching. Binoculars allow you to see birds high up in trees, in their nests, or perched on the top of buildings. A good pair of binoculars with a case is a tool that every bird watcher should own.

Most birds are out and about early in the morning hours, so if you want to plan a good day of bird watching, you should be prepared to wake up early. The reason the birds come out at this time is because most of the food such as worms or other small bugs are active, and this is what many birds feed on. Additionally, the best times of year for bird watching are the fall migration and in the early spring when many new species may enter your region to nest. If you are seriously considering bird watching, you may want to look into local chapters or groups. Often these groups will hold meetings to discuss new findings and plan bird watching excursions that can be done together. It also gives you a real sense of kinship and a sense of joy and accomplishment when you can discover new birds together with friends. Anyone can enjoy the beautiful hobby of bird watching, and with time you’ll be able to spot species of birds with ease.