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Ideas for Decorating Your Garden

Although your garden should stand out and be beautiful on its own, garden decorations can add an extra sense of whimsy and fun to the environment. There are so many options out there when it comes to outdoor garden decor that it can be a really fun and creative process. Below are some of our favorite garden decorating ideas that will transform your garden into a true oasis.

Bird Feeders

Enjoy a little bird watching by attracting birds to your garden with a bird feeder. A bird feeder is especially lovely in the spring and can provide a real sense of calm. You’ll also love the added benefit that birds eat insects that can be harmful to your garden. We have a wide selection of bulk assorted bird feed, so you can fill up your bird feeder with a specific type or a variety of seeds. We recommend starting with one bird feeder and then add in a few more around the garden for a lively show.


Birdbaths make lovely garden decorations and provide an oasis for the birds to wash in. Birdbaths come in many different styles, colors and materials, so you can find the perfect one to match your other garden accessories. Paired with a bird feeder, a birdbath will help your garden become a peaceful sanctuary for birds.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes add a wonderful musical element to your outdoor garden decor. They make a beautiful, soothing sound that can give your garden a nice spiritual appeal. Use one for a gentle touch or multiple for a symphony-like experience.

Garden Statues

Garden statues are another popular garden accessory. Buy a collection of small stone animal sculptures and place them throughout the garden for fun storybook-like appeal. Turn your garden into a spiritual retreat with religious garden sculptures that are meaningful to you. If garden statues aren’t your style, try adding vintage carts, buckets and chairs for a more whimsical look.


Trellises are a wonderful addition to any outdoor garden. Purchase a “crawling plant” such as ivy and have it grow at the base of the trellis. In time, the ivy should creep up and grow all around the trellis, giving it a natural, organic and warm feel.


Benches are a staple in outdoor garden decor. Concrete or wooden benches provide a sense of hominess and are a real oasis for visitors. Use colorful outdoor throw pillows for extra comfort while lounging on your bench. You can also find a lovely small patio table and place it beside the bench for a place to put a drink or book. By turning your bench into a comfortable and relaxing area in your garden, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time outside enjoying your beautiful space.

Gazing Ball

Gazing balls are another lovely garden decoration. These mesmerizing spheres give a splash of color and add a mystical sense to any garden. Gazing balls come in many different colors, making it easy to match one to your other outdoor garden decor. Gazing ball stands and holders are truly unique and come in a variety of styles, heights and materials.

String Lights

Enjoy your garden day and night with outdoor lighting. String lights create a soft, pleasant glow, perfect for late-night chats under the trellis. String lights don’t have to be basic either; look for options with stylish details like globe bulbs, a bistro design or colorful lights.


Lanterns are one of our favorite garden decorations for outdoor accent lighting. From rustic to modern, there are plenty of lantern styles to match your garden decor. Hang lanterns in a tree or place them around an area you would like to highlight at night. You can also buy flameless electric candles that are remote controlled, which makes it incredibly easy to light up your garden with just the push of a button.

Decorative Garden Stakes

Decorative garden stakes are fun garden accessories that make it easy to add your personality to your garden. From personal designs like school emblems to natural options like butterflies, there are countless options to choose from. If you’re not sure where to place one, look at your garden from a few steps back. If you notice that one area of your garden is taller than the rest, you can use the garden stake to balance it out. For fuller gardens, use the stake to fill in any open spots.

The key to decorating your garden is to find garden decorations and accessories that represent your personal style and fit your lifestyle. Whether you want to relax or entertain, keep our garden decorating tips in mind to create your perfect space. For even more garden decorating ideas, you can check out garden supply stores for inspiration.