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Premium Quality Non-GMO Kale Seeds in Bulk

Kale has become incredibly popular for being a superfood that packs a high nutrient, iron-rich punch. Eat it raw and chopped up in a salad or sautee it to soften the leaves for scrumptious bite. You'll love growing kale because it is one tough veggie that is cold-weather tolerant and great for beginners. Browse our selection for varieties that include curled blue dwarf, Red Russian and more! We care about providing you with high quality seeds which is why all of our seeds are premium Non-GMO seeds. Available in bulk for a large plot or smaller sizes for a mighty yet humble garden. Shop today and enjoy your kale straight from the garden!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kale

How long does it take for kale to grow from seed?

Kale takes between five and eight days to grow from seed. For the best results, the temperature should be about 70 degrees, although you can safely start the seeds six weeks before the last frost. Another option that you can take advantage of is starting the seeds indoors before the last frost.

How many seeds does it take to grow kale?

Three or four seeds per hole will produce healthy kale plants, provided they are sown at a depth of 1/4". When you start these seeds in flats, put two seeds per cell in plug flats or three to four seeds in row flats. When started in flats, you will be able to transplant them in four to six weeks.

Does kale come back every year?

Kale is a biennial plant with a two-year life cycle. Many who decide to grow kale grow it as an annual, which suits its growing cycle very well. Providing protection from the cold will help ensure the plants' survival from one year to the next.

Should I soak kale seeds before planting?

Soaking kale seeds for 24 hours can help with germination. However, it is important not to soak seeds for more than 24 hours because they are likely to rot. You can successfully decrease the germination time by soaking the seeds for as little as four to six hours.