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Best Seeds To Start Indoors

The benefits of starting garden seeds indoors include a longer growing season, added harvest rounds and more control over how you grow your plants from the start. However, one of the best parts of growing plants from seeds is that it can be incredibly rewarding. If you’ve decided you want to start your plants indoors, then get started by consulting the following charts, which will tell you the best time to start your seeds indoors and which vegetables or flowers are best suited for an indoor start.

Best Flower Seeds To Start Indoors

The following is a list of some of the easiest flowers to start from seeds. All of these flowers have strong germination and will mature quickly. So for a full, beautiful flower garden, be sure to include these flowers and get a head start by starting the flower seeds indoors.

Best Vegetable Seeds To Start Indoors

Similar to the list above, the following vegetables are great candidates for an indoor start. The major benefit of starting vegetable seeds indoors is that you can extend your growing season. This can be especially useful if you live in a colder climate that shortens your overall growing season. On the other hand, if you live in a warm climate, you can get in more crops during that season. No matter what your situation is, the following list includes all the best options for starting vegetable seeds indoors.

When To Start Seeds Indoors

In general, the best time to start seeds indoors is about six weeks before the last frost. There are many resources online that outline when to start certain seeds; however, they do not take into account your area’s specific climate. This is why it can be difficult to predict exact dates. Instead, we recommend considering your location and doing a little research to find out when that last frost will be for your specific area.

You will find that usually it is best to start seeds indoors between March and May. Most indoor start periods last between two and three months, so you can expect to move your seedlings outdoors in May or June. Consult your seed packets or research online for specific growing times.