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The Fastest-Growing Vegetables

Gardening is not a hobby for the impatient. If you love instant satisfaction, you might get frustrated waiting for seeds or plants to produce tasty vegetables ripe for the picking. While there is no instant vegetable garden, there are vegetables that grow faster than others and that will be a great fit for your gardening style. Keep reading for a list of the fastest-growing vegetables, tips on how to make your seeds grow faster (or at least feel like it) and ideas of some short-season crops to plant.

Quick-Growing Vegetables

The following is a list of short-season crops, starting with the fastest. You'll notice this is a well-rounded list that includes a variety of vegetables so you can enjoy a robust garden sooner rather than later. We've also included a separate list of the fastest-growing lettuce varieties for those who love a fresh salad mix.

Fastest-Growing Lettuce Varieties

The Secret to Fast-Growing Seeds

One secret to a garden that seems to sprout up overnight? Seedlings. The difference between seeds and seedlings is that seedlings have already started growing roots. You can get your seeds started indoors before planting season starts, and then once the weather is ready, you'll already be weeks ahead. The best part? Starting seeds indoors is easy! Read our article How to Start Garden Seeds to learn more.