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Bulk Tomato Seeds

When it comes to growing your own tomatoes, you want the best tomato seeds available, whether they're for tomato farming or personal use. Our non-GMO tomato seeds are perfect for home gardens, and we make it very easy to buy bulk tomato seeds online. The Cherry Tomato, Early Girl, Burpee Big Boy and Rutgers are excellent for personal use in home gardens. If you're looking for the best tomato plants for farming, we have a variety of Roma, Mountain Spring, Jet Star, Grape, Ace 55 and more to satisfy all of your tomato-growing needs. Since you can buy bulk tomato seeds online, this makes the entire process an easy and convenient one, no matter how large or small your tomato growing operation is.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tomato Seeds

When should I plant tomato seeds?

Many of our customers ask, "How do I know when to plant tomato seeds?" Tomato seeds love a warm environment, so the key is to start seeds indoors six weeks before the last frost. That way, by the time the seedlings are ready to be transplanted outside, the weather should be perfect for your tomato seeds to thrive. You can research when that last frost occurs in your area and plan around that timeline.

How do I plant tomato seeds?

There are tons of resources out there to make learning how to plant tomato seeds easy. We'll cover just the basics here, so then feel free to keep researching to find more tips and tricks for success. One thing most gardeners will agree on is that it is best to start tomato seeds indoors. This will give you a jump on their outdoor growing timeline and give your seedlings a nice environment to start in.

About how long does it take for tomato seeds to germinate?

Tomato seeds are quick to germinate or sprout. Some varieties may take longer, but in general, you can expect your tomato seeds to germinate in five to 10 days.

How do I start tomato seeds indoors?

Start your tomato seeds six weeks before your last frost. Plant two seeds per container or cell in shallow holes in the soil. Lightly water the soil, and place seeds in a warm location. Check your seedlings each day, and water the soil so it stays moist. Once the seedlings emerge, ensure they get plenty of light and continue to keep the soil moist. Thin out your seedlings when they are about 2 inches tall, keeping the healthiest-looking seedling in each container. Continue to monitor, and once the roots fill the container, it's time to transport the seedlings to a large pot or outside if there is no threat of frost.

How deep should I plant tomato seeds?

Tomato seeds should be planted at a shallow depth, about 1/8 inch deep. When you place the seed in the soil, cover and press gently to ensure the seed attaches to the soil.

Can I save tomato seeds?

Yes! Knowing how to save tomato seeds is a rewarding skill that allows you to plant next year's tomatoes with this year's harvest. Saving tomato seeds is an easy process and only requires that you use seeds from open-pollinated varieties.

How do I save tomato seeds?

To save tomato seeds, start by removing the seeds from a ripe tomato. Remove any pulp from the seeds and place them in a cup or jar and cover with water. Cover the jar with a paper towel and rubber band and let sit for three days. This time allows the seeds to ferment, which kills any bacteria on the seeds. Swirl the jar each day, and once the pulp has formed a noticeable layer floating above the seeds, it is time to move on to the next step. Remove the layer of pulp and pour the liquid into a strainer to separate the seeds. Wash the seeds so they are nice and clean, and let them dry on a paper towel. Once the seeds have dried, transfer them to a plate or other nonstick surface and continue to dry the seeds for a few days. Finally, transfer the seeds to their final storage spot. This can be a paper envelope, sealable jar, etc. Place the seeds in a cool and dry location out of sunlight. Now your seeds should stay in good condition until you are ready to use them next year!