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Premium Quality Non-GMO Watermelon Seeds in Bulk

When people think of a cool, sweet, summertime treat, watermelon comes to mind. There are many types of watermelon varieties to choose from, and here you can purchase bulk watermelon seeds for farming or for a small backyard crop. If you’re wondering where to buy watermelon seeds for planting, you’ve come to the right place. We have some of the best watermelon seeds available. When it comes to non-GMO watermelon seeds, our premium stock includes some of the best melon seeds online. The Sugar Baby Watermelon and the Crimson Sweet are a bit on the sweeter side, and the Black Diamond or Charleston Grey are perfect for larger operations that want to ship their products out.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Watermelon Seeds

When to plant watermelon seeds?

The best time to plant watermelon seeds is after the last frost in spring. They do best in warm, humid environments. Since watermelon seeds have a long germination period, you can get the growing process going early by starting seeds indoors. Aim to start seeds up to three weeks before you plan to transplant. You need to transplant seedlings while they are still small for the best results, so plan accordingly.

How to plant watermelon seeds?

Choose a location with full sun and with a bit of protection from any cooler winds. Once the threat of frost is gone, direct-sow seeds into the soil about an inch deep and 4 to 6 feet apart. Check your seed variety for exact distances, but plan on giving your watermelons plenty of space. Water soil thoroughly once planted, and keep soil moist throughout germination.

How deep to plant watermelon seeds?

Watermelon seeds should be planted about an inch deep. For best results, plant a few watermelon seeds per spot and thin as seedlings start to sprout.

How to germinate watermelon seeds?

If you plan to start your watermelon seeds indoors, there are some things you can do for germination success. First, do not soak seeds. While doing so can help other seeds along, it can cause fungal diseases in your watermelon seeds.

Watermelon seeds love heat and moisture. If you are trying to speed up the germination process, then you need to give watermelon seeds warm, moist soil. You can't control the temperature outside, so starting seeds indoors is your best bet for the most control. Try using a heater or heating pad to keep the soil warm. If planting outside, cover the seeds with a row cover to maintain moisture and heat.