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Bulk Non-GMO Onion Seeds

When you want to buy onion seeds online, look no further than our exclusive stock of non-GMO onion seeds. We have bulk onion seeds and sets available for our customers to purchase, and they'll get you growing onion plants in no time. You can get onion seed varieties including Walla Walla, White Lisbon, White Sweet Spanish, and Yellow Sweet Spanish conveniently all in one place.

We also offer hybrid onion seeds that are hardy and easy to grow and maintain. We let our customers choose the number of onion seeds they want to buy at one time, ranging from under a pound to over 10 pounds of seed. You'll enjoy a short germination time, strong plants and abundant results with our seeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Onion Seeds

How do I grow onions from seed?

Onions require a long time to mature so you will most likely want to start your onion seeds indoors. Once the seedlings are 2 to 3 inches tall, harden them off and transplant them to their new homes outside. You should aim to start seedlings one month before the last frost. Water transplants generously and ensure the onions receive plenty of water throughout their growing as dryness can cause splitting. You can also try utilizing a trench watering system which will water the roots well while keeping the top of the soil dry. After 4 months, your onions should be matured and ready to harvest.

How should I plant onion seeds?

If directly sowing, plant onion seeds in rows 1/2-inch deep into the soil. Once the seedlings emerge, thin to 1 inch of space between each one. After a month or so, thin the onions once more so there is about 6 inches between them.

If transplanting, plant seedlings 4 to 6 inches apart and about 2 inches deep.

When is the best time to plant onions?

The best time to plant onion seeds (direct sow or indoor start) is 4 to six weeks before the last frost. Onions will do best if they start growing in colder temperatures, which will help them develop their tops. As they mature and the weather becomes warmer, the onion will then start to develop its bulbs.

When is it time to harvest onions?

Onions take 4 months to mature. Once you think your onions are ready to harvest, check that the tops have turned yellow. Bend the tops back and let the onions sit for another day to allow the bulb to fully mature. The tops should turn brown and they are ready to be picked. Pull the onions from the soil and let them dry in the sun. Once the onions have dried thoroughly, store them inside in a cool and dry place.