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Bulk Non-GMO Green Bean Seeds

Green beans are a holiday staple that you’re sure to find at every Thanksgiving and Christmas feast! While you might use canned green beans in your recipes, why not grow your own fresh green beans? Give your green bean casserole an extra bit of flavor with your very own homegrown green beans!

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Green Bean Growing Season

While each species of green bean has different requirements and time to maturity, generally speaking, the following apply to all varieties of green beans.

Green beans are a summer vegetable that should be planted in the spring after the last frost. Green beans grow best in clay, loamy soil and a slightly acidic to neutral soil pH. Depending on the species of green bean (bush beans or pole beans), you’re going to want to stake the plant so it can continue to grow upward. Look into the proper protocol for your specific species of green bean before staking. While there might be some variation between species, green beans are typically ready to harvest all summer long, and should be harvested daily once mature. As a general rule of thumb, the more beans you harvest, the more will grow.