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Everything You Need To Know About Gardening Climate Zones

What Are Garden Zones?

Garden zones (also known as climate zones, growing zones and hardiness zones) are large areas that are grouped based on temperature and climate conditions. These factors determine what can grow and withstand the variable temperatures of that area. You can use these zones to understand more about your area and plan a successful garden around their recommendations. These garden zones are created by the USDA, making them a reliable resource.

USDA Hardiness Zones

The USDA hardiness zones map is color-coded, and each color represents a zone from 1a to 13b. While you can get a general view of planting zones by state, it is better to try and get as close to the city that you live in to determine your hardiness zone. Once you find your hardiness zone, then it’s time to do some research! There is a ton of information available about each gardening climate zone, including what to plant, how to take care of your garden, and tips and tricks for success.

What Planting Zone Am I In?

To find your planting zone, simply go to the link HERE. You can enter your zip code, which will provide you with an exact zone. You can also look at planting zones by state.

Another great feature of the above website is that you can download a printable map of your zone, state or the entire US. We recommend doing this so you can have that information handy whenever you need it!