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Vegetable Garden Tips

Vegetables are essential to a healthy, balanced diet. By growing your own veggies at home, you can be sure you’re eating the freshest produce, free of GMOs and pesticides. We know starting a vegetable garden from scratch can seem like an intimidatingly difficult task. At Mainstreet Seed, we take pride in assisting with all of our customers’ gardening needs, from helping them pick out the perfect seeds to sharing gardening advice. We are thrilled to present on this page our top vegetable garden tips gained over three decades of gardening experience. Now, our online patrons can receive the same knowledgeable guidance about how to grow vegetables at home as those who visit our store. Including how-to guides on planting and growing your own vegetables, information on how to choose the best seeds for the climate and season, and much more, this page has a number of straightforward instructions to help your garden flourish.

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