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Whether you’re looking for a little zest or simply some color for your garden, we offer a wide range of different varieties of radishes. With everything from forage radish for deer to an abundant spicy radish variety, we’re sure to satisfy all your radish-related needs. Looking for a crop that can brave the cold? One of the strongest of our winter radish varieties is our Daikon Radish. This cold weather crop is not only one of the largest in size but also one of the most versatile to use in the kitchen. No matter which radish you choose to cultivate, our seeds are guaranteed to give you a high germination rate for an abundant harvest. With a selection as wide as ours, we’re sure your garden will be blooming in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Radish Seeds

How Long Do Radishes Take To Grow From Seed?

Radishes will take a total of 22 to 70 days to grow from seed, depending on the weather and other growing conditions. The seeds will have a good head start and usually reach maturity within 20 to 30 days when sown under optimal planting conditions. Succession crops every two to three weeks are recommended to help ensure steady crops of radishes.

When radishes are grown in containers, they will germinate within the same time frame as they would in a garden setting, with 20 to 30 days being most common. As with garden-grown radishes, you should do succession crops in different containers.

How Do You Start Radish Seeds?

The best growing conditions for radishes are in locations with partial shade or full sun. The soil should be well drained and loose, with obstructions that can damage the roots removed. The soil's optimal pH value is between 5.5 and 6.8, and earth with compost will help you meet this goal.

Plant your seeds 1/2" deep and 1 inch from each other in spring crops. When growing your radishes as part of a winter crop, space the seeds a little farther apart. The seedbeds should be evenly moist for the best growth.

When Should I Start Radish Seeds?

In areas with cold winters, plant the seeds two to three weeks before the likely date of the last spring frost. When grown in advance of the final frost, you will have an excellent chance of two or three crops for the season. When planted in spring, your goal should be to finish the harvest before the weather turns warm.

If you live in an area with mild winters and want a winter crop, sow your seeds in late fall and early winter. If you choose to grow a succession crop or two, start these two or three weeks after your initial planting. Following this schedule should allow you to have radishes all fall and winter.