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Tips for Growing Carrots

Carrots are a very nutrient-rich vegetable packed with beta carotene and have been known to help with eyesight issues. Carrots are actually very beautiful when planted, and many people choose to the best carrot seeds from a high-quality source to ensure the best-tasting harvest.
plant them as garden borders. They are a sturdy vegetable that even those without a green thumb can successfully grow. Nothing beats being able to walk right into your backyard for fresh vegetables to craft your dinner from. To start, select only

Check that your environment is right. Carrot seeds grow best in mild to moderate temperatures ranging from about 65 to 75 degrees. They do love full sun and light soil.

Will you grow directly into the ground or containers? Carrots do really well in pots. If you choose this method, find some that are about a foot deep and have plenty of drainage.

Add organic matter to the soil before planting. Well-rotted manure or finished compost will ensure the dirt stays moist, which is ideal for healthy carrots.

Space your seeds properly. Plant your carrots about 1/2 inches deep, and be sure to remove any rocks or other debris found in the soil.

Water your plants regularly. When carrots are young, they require about 1 inch of water per week. When they begin to mature, add some mulch to the top of the soil to retain moisture so that you don’t need to water the plants as much. A tip for healthy carrots is to sprinkle the soil with wood ashes, since carrots like a lot of potassium. Many say this will bring about sweeter vegetables.

Harvest. The carrots will be ready to harvest once they’ve turned a lovely shade of bright orange.
Light, yellowish-colored carrots are underripe and are not ready to be picked. While the plant likes sun, too much sun exposure can cause your carrots to be bitter and could possibly turn them green. Partial shade is the best option, as the carrots will get a nice balance of both sun and shade throughout the day. Once you’ve picked your carrots, you’re ready to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack that is great eaten raw or cooked in stews or other dishes.