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Small-Garden Ideas

Don't let a lack of space deter you from creating a beautiful garden. If you dream of enjoying the sight of colorful flowers or unique succulents, then keep reading. The following are some of our favorite ways to make use of small spaces like a balcony or porch to enjoy your very own little garden.

Porch/Patio Garden Ideas: Play With Planters

Whether you have a patio garden or a porch garden, both spaces often need room for people to come and go. Make a designated pathway with pots and planter boxes. Try mixing different sized pots for an interesting arrangement. You can also opt for a balanced look with matching planters. Whatever your style is, let it come through!

Outdoor Garden Ideas: Plant With a Plan

If you have an outdoor area perfect for a garden patch, then the key is to make a plan. When you are working with limited space, you'll need to be mindful of the way different plants grow and spread, otherwise you may end up with an indistinguishable blob or sparse arrangement. For a stunning display, opt for plants of varying heights. Depending on the location of your little garden, you'll most likely want to position taller plants toward the back and the smallest at the front. Also think about the blooming season for any flowers. If you plant tulips, for example, you'll enjoy those early to mid-spring, and then they are done for the season. Choose plants that bloom in different seasons and enjoy fresh flowers all throughout spring and summer. If you live in the right climate, consider a succulent garden! This low-maintenance option pairs nicely with a modern-style home and will require much less water than a regular flower garden.

Balcony Garden Idea: Think Vertically

Most balconies are going to be pretty small, so being strategic with the space is key. You can keep things simple and add a chair and fill the space with plants. However, if you want to add more furniture or decor, one balcony garden idea we love is to think vertical. You can make your own vertical garden with wooden pallets or pipes. Add your favorite plants, and you've got yourself a vertical garden! Even easier? Use a bookcase! These are also great for adding privacy that even your neighbor will enjoy.

Even easier than building a vertical garden — hang your plants! This will keep your floor space clear while adding a stunning display. Hang trailing plants higher to give them space to grow and fall nicely.