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Bulk Non-GMO Rutabaga Seeds

Rutabagas taste like a cross between a potato, a turnip and cabbage. Their earthy taste and texture make them perfect for fall and winter dishes like cakes, soups and salads. Due to their potato-like taste, rutabaga lovers often mash them, cut them into fries and roast them just like farm-fresh potatoes. With our bulk rutabaga seeds, you can grow fresh rutabagas at home just in time for autumn. Instead of buying rutabagas at the grocery store, buy rutabaga seeds at a much cheaper price and have all the rutabagas you can eat.

Growing rutabagas takes only 90 days with our non-GMO rutabaga seeds. It’s best to plant your Rutabaga seeds ten to twelve weeks (around 90 days) prior to the first frost of the season; so we recommend planting them in late summer. This way your rutabaga plant has plenty of time to germinate in the summer heat and mature in the cool autumn soil. Each rutabaga has a yellow base and a purplish-brown skin that resembles a turnip. When they're in the ground, rutabagas sprout tall green leaves with thick stalks. Dig up your plants when it's time to harvest, and you'll find a thick, hardy vegetable that's ready to be chopped, sliced, mashed or seasoned.

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