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Premium Flower Seeds

Main Street Seed and Supply has been a leading supplier of flower seeds for over 20 years, offering customers the best quality at great prices. With our versatile shipping department and bulk-buying system, we make it easy to shop with us for bulk flower seeds online. From traditional favorites to modern hybrids, our selection is vast; we have nine different varieties of sunflowers alone and over 50 varieties of flowers. For any kind of landscape project, from annuals to biennials or perennials, Main Street Seed and Supply has you covered with an unbeatable selection.

We also carry a large assortment of vegetable seeds and many other garden varieties to choose from. Our extensive collection and low cost will make your garden project truly unique!

Be sure to determine the best planting times for your region as planting dates vary.

Shipping Note: Flower seed orders over $50 (and under 50 lbs) ship FREE! Flower seeds are only shipped in the continental United States.

Bulk Flower Seed Packets at Competitive Prices

Main Street Seed and Supply has been selling flower seeds for over 20 years and has developed a large selection and a great number of loyal customers. We have a diversified shipping department that keeps shipping costs to a minimum, and our seeds are sold in bulk instead of packets with pretty pictures, thus keeping costs low and allowing you to buy seeds online. We also carry a large variety of vegetable seeds. Be sure to keep us in mind for all of your gardening needs!

While much of our selection encompasses the old-time favorites, we have also expanded to include many of the new hybrid varieties. Whether you are looking into starting a flower garden for your own home use or growing to sell at market, we will meet and exceed your needs. We have nine varieties of sunflower seeds alone and over 50 varieties of flowers in stock, beautifying any landscape project. Whether looking for annual, biennial or perennial wildflower seeds mix in bulk, Main Street Seed and Supply has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Seeds

What are non-GMO flower seeds?

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism” and means that the seed has been changed in a lab. GMO seeds are often created to produce plants with certain characteristics. For a truly organic harvest, you have to start at the source with non-GMO, untreated seeds.

Non-GMO seeds are bred through natural pollination. These seeds can either be hybrid or open-pollinated. Hybrid seeds are the result of cross-pollination. Open-pollinated seeds "breed true," meaning they are nearly identical to the parent seed. Both types of seeds can be created naturally or manually, unlike GMO-seeds, which have to be created in a lab.

How do I save leftover flower seeds?

Knowing how to save flower seeds properly will provide a great cost savings to you and will cut down on waste. The key to saving flower seeds is protecting them against moisture, humidity, sunlight, air and major temperature fluctuations. To do this, you'll need a sealable glass jar and plastic bags.

Before storing your seeds, ensure they are dry. You don't need to dry them out completely, but you don't want to store seeds that are wet. Place seeds in plastic bags and try to get out excess air within the bag. Close the bag and label it so you know which seeds are inside. You can then place all your seeds in the glass jar and seal it shut. Choose a cool, dry place to store your seeds, such as a pantry.

How long do flower seeds last?

With proper storage, flower seeds can last many years and sometimes years after their predicted expiration. Seeds are living organisms that are dormant until they begin to germinate. While you can do everything right and store your seeds properly, you may still end up with some seeds that never germinate. This is why we recommend starting the germination process indoors with your saved seeds to weed out any that are no longer viable. One of the easiest germination methods is with a paper towel, and we've outlined how to do it at the end of the article linked here.

What are annual flowers?

Annual flowers grow, bloom, seed and die in one season. Usually the first frost will be the beginning of the end for annuals. Annuals often require a bit more care, such as consistent deadheading, daily waterings and routine fertilization. However, annuals offer a bright, colorful accent to your garden and are enjoyed throughout the spring and summer. For those who love tending to their garden, annuals are a great choice and worth the extra effort. You may also find annuals returning the next season under the right conditions, which makes for a lovely surprise!

Can I buy bulk flower seeds by the pound?

For the best cost savings, we offer bulk flower seeds by the pound! At Main Street Seed and Supply, you'll find popular flower seeds available in options from 1/4 lb all the way up to 10 lbs. So whether you're a humble gardener designing a gorgeous patch or a farmer looking for the best flower seeds at a great price, we have something for you!