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Which Type of Fence is Right for You

A fence serves as a kind of barrier setter to show your neighbors where your yard begins and theirs ends. It can also serve as an additional privacy feature as well as a decorative addition to your yard. So which type of fence is right for you? When you’re considering a new fence or if you just wan to replace an old, worn down fence, there are several types to consider. A chain link fence was once a popular choice, but it is becoming much less common for most homes today. Chain link fence is a less expensive alternative to other fence types, but it is also less attractive. Typically it is made of galvanized steel wire, and comes in rolls which can then be driven into the ground. Chain link is easy to install. For a more comfortable and cozy look, you may want to opt for a picket fence instead. A picket fence provides more privacy while giving your home a nice, warm appeal. Picket fences are usually made of wood and are about waist high. They are fairly easy to install and can be made of either wood or plastic.

Many homeowners today have chosen privacy fences as an option. Privacy fences are also mostly made of wood or plastic, but they are much higher (usually over 6 feet tall), and the boards or slats are installed close together so that neighbors and others cannot see inside. These fences are ideal for homes with backyard pools or dogs, because they provide optimal privacy and still look attractive. If you live in a more rural setting, you may want to consider something called split-rail fencing. While this serves the purpose of being a fence, it is mostly used for decoration since just about anyone would be able to climb over it. However, split-rail fencing has a nice rustic appeal and is made of split timber formed in zig zag patterns. Look into the various types of fences available including dog fences, consider your neighborhood, then decide which fence you think will suit your home the best.