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Gazing Balls for Garden Decoration

Our gardens are our oasis and a place for us to tend to a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables.  Gardens provide us with a place of solitude, hobby, refuge, and give us a sense of pride.  Aside from a beautiful landscaping job and healthy looking plants, garden decorations add life and personality to our outdoor presentation.  Whether it’s a bird bath, wind chimes, a swirling, whirling pinwheel, or other item, garden decorations breathe new life into it.  Gazing balls are a popular choice for garden decoration.  Often also called a yard ball or gazing globe, these beautiful spheres of color give gardens a whimsical touch.  Most gazing balls are made of glass, usually hand blown or a stainless steel.  Then they are coated with a shiny, reflective coating that can range from silver to green, purple to blue, and red to yellow.  Because most of these orbs are usually reflective, they add a different element to the garden, allowing visitors to see the entire spread of flowers across the whole garden within the orb, almost giving it another dimension.   

Most gazing balls can be purchased at nurseries, craft stores, and home improvement stores.  They can also be found on the World Wide Web in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  Of course, deciding on what stand to place your gazing ball on top of is also quite important.  You’ll want to decide what height you would like the globe to be at so that people coming into your garden will be able to see it clearly.  Most people prefer a slightly taller gazing globe stand, so that they can look out the window and see their globes, and so that it is viewable at eye height.  The stand can come in various materials and designs.  Most of the time the material stands are made from is either molded plaster or wrought iron.  The stands can come in a wide variety of interesting styles such as Roman style columns, animals, or wagons.  Ultimately, the kind of stand you want for your gazing ball is up to you, and it’s really what makes it such a personal and unique decorative item for the garden.

Any garden can be made much more vibrant and beautiful with the addition of a beautiful, colorful gazing ball.  Choose from a rainbow of colors to find one that suits your home, your garden’s layout, and your own personal style.  You can also buy several and line them up in your garden to create a mystical walkway or pathway.  No matter how you choose to use them or what styles you choose, your gazing ball will be a gorgeous and welcome addition to your treasured garden.  It will be a conversation piece that should last you for many years to come, and add a special touch that will be sure to help you enjoy your garden even more.