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Choosing a Gazing Globe for your Garden

Gazing globes are a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.  They add color, vibrancy, and personality to a garden that gives it a whole new look.  Since most nurseries and home and garden stores sell many different types, choosing a gazing globe for your garden decoration can sometimes seem like a daunting task.  Look around your local stores and see what colors are available.  Picking out the right color is a fun way to decide which colors you want to bring out of your garden.  If you grow a lot of beautiful flowers, try to find a gazing globe that represents the main color, or find one that exhibits all of the colors in your garden.  The globe should bring out the natural beauty by accenting it.
Once you’ve decided on a color, the stand for your gazing globe is the next step.  Perhaps you just want to sit it in your birdbath outside.  Some people choose this option instead.  Others prefer to find a nice stand such as a wrought iron or ceramic stand.  Gazing globe stands can come in a wide variety of styles, heights, and shapes.  Some are beautiful garden statues with platforms made especially for holding your gazing globe.  Things such as turtles, birds, or rabbits make adorable holders for your globe.  Have fun shopping around for globes, and make sure you choose one that you and your guests will enjoy looking at all year long.  Of course, you can buy several globes and change them as the seasons change to give your garden a charming, adaptable look.  No matter which gazing globe you choose, it will most certainly add charm and life to your garden.