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Wildlife Habitat & Food Plot Seed

Main Street Seed & Supply offers many types of wildlife food plot seed. Nothing beats the serenity and peaceful vibe of your own wildlife habitat where deer, turkey and other animals come to feed. Planting vegetation varieties like our Crimson Clover is an economical way to provide both food and cover for wildlife. Our Buck Forage Oats are another great choice if you have large areas to seed. They are winter-hardy, and deer love them because they are small and palatable.

Many of the wildlife mixes we offer are no till food plot seed, requiring only a simple distribution topside for effective growth and coverage. Switchgrass is a nice choice if you want to create food plots for turkey while also providing cover for deer and rabbits. Our Great Lakes Wildlife Mix can be used as whitetail food plot seed, or you can opt for other choices like Forage Peas and Forage Radish. The wildlife in your area will come out in droves when you choose any of these top-shelf seed mixes.

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