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Gazing Globe Garden Ornaments

If you are in the market for outdoor garden décor & accents, these beautiful garden balls are just the thing to make your garden look extravagant! These decorative garden spheres, also known as gazing globes, garden balls or garden orbs, are a great way to spice up your garden, adding flair and making your beloved space shine. Main Street Seed and Supply, Co. carries one of the largest selections of gazing globes around, each handpicked for its premium quality and eye-catching appeal.

Gazing balls jazz up your garden, but photographers also find gazing balls useful in enhancing photographs. Gazing globes are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4 inches to 12 inches, and a variety of eye-catching colors. Many find themselves in need of a glass globe replacement; rest assured that our stainless steel gazing balls are interchangeable with most gazing globe stands, as are the glass options. Don’t have a stand? We carry a variety of these as well. The orbs also look amazing floating in your garden pond. They make thoughtful gifts for family and friends, cherished by the recipient for years to come.

Gazing globes are as rich in folklore as they are in beauty. Do they keep witches out of the garden? One may never know, but old folklore leads us to believe this. Myth has it that gazing globes were used in the gardens of the wealthy to keep the witches out. Beautify your yard or garden by ordering a gazing globe and stand today!

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Stainless Steel Gazing Globes
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History of Gazing Globes

Our gardens are our oasis and a place for us to tend to a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables. Gardens provide us with a place of solitude, hobby and refuge and give us a sense of pride. While we all enjoy a beautiful landscaping job and healthy-looking plants, garden decorations add life and personality to our outdoor presentation. Decorations breathe new life into our gardens, and gazing balls are a popular choice for doing just that as they have lovely colors that give gardens a whimsical touch. Most gazing balls are made of handblown glass. Then they are coated with a shiny, reflective coating that can range from silver to green, purple to blue and red to yellow. Because most of these orbs are reflective, they add a different element to the garden, allowing visitors to see the entire spread of flowers across the whole garden within the orb, almost giving the garden another dimension.

Of course, deciding on a stand to place your gazing ball on is also quite important. You’ll want to decide what height you would like the globe to stand at so people coming into your garden will be able to see it clearly. Most people prefer a slightly taller stand so that they can look out the window and see their globe and so that it is viewable at eye height. Stands come in various materials and designs. Most of the time, the material is either wood, plaster or wrought iron. Stands also come in a wide variety of interesting styles, such as Roman columns, animals or wagons. Ultimately, the kind of stand you want for your gazing ball is up to you, and your choice is really what makes it such a personal and unique decorative item for the garden.