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Ideas for Decorating your Garden

Although your garden should stand out and be beautiful on its own, garden decorations can really add an extra sense of whimsy and fun to the environment. There are so many options out there when it comes to garden decorations, that it can be a really fun and creative process.

Birdbaths make lovely garden decorations and provide an oasis for the birds to come and feed and wash. A bird feeder is especially lovely in the spring time and can provide a real sense of calm. Wind chimes are another lovely garden decoration. They make a beautiful, soothing sound that can give your garden a nice spiritual appeal. Garden statues are another popular item. Buy some stone sculptures of small animals and place them throughout the garden. This can give it an almost storybook-like appeal.

Trellises are a wonderful addition to any outdoor garden. Purchase a “crawling plant” such as ivy and have it grow at the base of the trellis. In time, the ivy should creep up and grow all around and on the trellis, giving it a natural, organic, and warm feel. Concrete or wooden benches provide a sense of homeliness and are a real oasis for visitors. Find a lovely small patio table and place it beside the bench so you can sit your drink or book on it, and you’ll find yourself spending more and more time in your garden reading or entertaining friends. Gazing balls are another lovely garden decoration. These lovely spheres give a splash of color and a mystical sense to any garden. They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and make your garden really stand out. Shop around at various garden supply stores and see what neat ideas you can come up with to make your garden a personal place for relaxation and expression.