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Growing Alyssum Flowers

Alyssum flowers are beautiful, delicate plants that come in a variety of colors.  Most commonly, the alyssum flower is usually grown in shades of lavender, pink, and white with green foliage.  The alyssum flower is an annual, meaning it typically only blooms once per year, goes dormant, and then grows again.  The flower produces a very nice delicate scent and makes a terrific accent plant for any garden.  In order to maintain alyssum flowers, they need full sun in the peak hours, and then some partial shade in the afternoon.  These flowers also like moderate water with good drainage.  They make an excellent ground cover in addition to an accent plant, and can really fill in any gaps you may have in your flower bed.  Regular trimmings ensure that the plant stays healthy and produces new growth.
When plating alyssum flowers, you should plant the seedlings in the early spring months.  Be sure to plant them about six to eight inches apart so that the roots have ample room to grow and flourish.  The soil should be a little bit dry, at least for the first few weeks until they begin blooming.  Alyssum flowers prefer medium moist soil to heavy watering.  You should trim back any dead flowers, and prune the plants regularly.  Shear the leaves and stalk to promote new growth, and they can grow to be as high as one foot tall.  Another suggested way to plant alyssum flowers is in a hanging basket, so that you achieve a cascading effect.  Overall, this is a hearty, fairly easy to grow plant that makes great edging or cutting flowers.  The alyssum flower will grow full bloom and beautiful in the spring, calm down in mid to late summer, then grow again in the autumn months, making it a versatile and delicate addition to your flower garden.