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Main Street Seed and Supply carries one of the largest selections of Wild Bird Feed and Wild Bird Seed mixtures available, anywhere. We also carry Wild Bird Food such as suet cakes, seed cakes and seed bells for woodpeckers, chickadees and many other species. We also carry special nectar mixtures for the hummingbird and oriole.

Assorted Wild
Bird Feed

Suet Cakes
Seed Cakes

Hummingbird &
Oriole Nectar


Wild Bird Feed - MixedWild Bird Feed - SuetWild Bird Feed - NectarWild Bird Feed - Seed Bell

Whether feeding the birds or the friendly furry creatures, Main Street Seed and Supply offers a large variety of wild bird feed. If you need a pound of wild bird feed, or a large quantity for major bird feeding, Main Street Seed and Supply can meet your needs. We have a diversified shipping department keeping shipping costs at a minimum, but more importantly, we have a large selection of wild bird feed. Bird species vary, depending on the region you are in. Please check with your local Audubon Society for the best wild bird feed for your area. Keep us in mind for your wild bird feeding needs!