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Main Street Seed and Supply offers a variety of vegetable seeds for farmer and home gardener alike. We offer small quantities or we can fill your bulk vegetable seed orders with no delay. All our garden seeds meet the highest quality standards.Order your bulk vegetable seeds from Main Street Seed And Supply, Co. You'll be glad you did!
Vegetable seeds are shipped only to addresses in the continental United States.


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Asparagus Seed

Bean Seed Beet Seed Broccoli Seed Brussels
Sprout Seed
Vegetable Seed - Asparagus
Vegetable Seed - Bean Seed
Vegetable Seed - Red Beet
Vegetable Seed - Broccoli
Vegetable Seed - Brussel Sprout
Cabbage Seed Cantaloupe Seeds Carrot Seed Cauliflower Seed Celery Seed
Vegetable Seed - Cabbage Seed
Vegetable Seed - Cantaloupe
Vegetable Seed - Carrot
Vegetable Seed - Cauliflower
Vegetalbe Seed - Celery
Collard Seed Corn
Baby Corn Seed

(Ornamental) Seed
Popcorn Seed
Sweet Corn Seed
Vegetable Seed - Collard
Corn - Baby
Vegetable Seed - Ornamental Corn Vegetable Seed - Popcorn Vegetable Seed - Sweet Corn
Cowpea Seed Cress Seed Cucumber Seed Egg Plant Seed Endive & Chicory
Vegetable Seed - Cowpea Vegetable Seed - Cress Vegetabel Seed - Cucumber Vegetable Seed - Eggplant Vegetable Seed - Endive
Gourd Seed Herb Seed Kale Seed Kohlrabi Seed Leek Seed
Vegetable Seed - Gourd Vegetable Seed - Herb Vegetable Seed - Kale
Vegetable Seed - Kohl Rabi Vegetable Seed - Leek
Lettuce Seed Mustard Seed
Okra Seed
Seed & Sets
(Hamburg) Seed
Vegetable Seed - Lettuc
Vegetable Seed - Mustard Vegetable Seed - Okra
Vegetable Seed - Onion Vegetable Seed - Parnsip Hamburg
Parsnip Seed Pea Seed Pepper Seed Potatoes Pumpkin Seed
Vegetable Seed - Parsnip Vegetable Seed - Pea Vegetable Seed - Pepper
Vegetable Seed - Pumpkin
Radish Seed Rhubarb Seed Rutabaga Seed Salsify Seed
(Vegetable Oyster)
Spinach Seed
Vegetable Seed - Radish Rhubarb Seed Vegetable Seed - Rutabaga
Vegetable Seed - Salsify Vegetable Seed - Spinach
Squash Seed Swiss
Chard Seed
Tomato Seed Turnip
Vegetable Seed - Squash
Vegetable Seed - Swiss Chard Vegetable Seed - Tomato
Vegetable Seed - Turnip
Vegetable Seed - Watermelon

Bulk vegetable seeds are a great way to by quality vegetable seeds at a low cost. Whether planting a few vegetables for your own home use, or growing to sell at market, we have a large selection of vegetable seeds. If you need a few seeds for a science project, or a large quantity for cash crop, Main Street Seed and Supply can meet your needs. We have a diversified shipping department keeping shipping costs at a minimum, but more importantly, we have a large selection of bulk vegetable seeds. Planting times vary, depending on the region you are in. Please check with your local extension services as to the best planting times for your area. Our seeds are sold as bulk vegetable seeds and not in packets with pretty pictures, thus keeping our costs lower. Main Street Seed and Supply has been selling vegetable seeds for over 20 years and has developed a large selection of variety. We carry 19 varieties of squash seeds alone. Many of our varieties are the old time favorites, but we have expanded to include many of the new hybrid varieties. Main Street Seed and Supply has over 175 varieties of bulk vegetable seeds in stock. We also carry a large variety of flower seeds. Keep us in mind for your gardening needs!

WARRANTY: Bay Farm Services, Inc., dba Main Street Seed and Supply Co., warrants that seed sold is of high quality, that seeds are as described on the container within recognized tolerances in the trade, that seeds have been described as required under State and Federal Seed Laws, and that seeds have been tested. This is the sole warranty; we make none other, express or implied. We cannot guarantee establishment of plants due to various factors over which we have no control. No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless the buyer or user reports to Bay Farm Services, Inc., dba Main Street Seed and Supply Co., within a reasonable period of time (not to exceed 60 days of receipt of seed) any conditions that might lead to a complaint. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the seed only.