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Main Street Seed and Supply carries one of the largest selections of Wild Bird Feed and Wild Bird Seed mixtures available, anywhere.
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Cracked Corn Feed- Wild Bird Attractant for Pheasant, Quail & Jays
Cracked Corn

Outstanding for Pheasant, Quail and Jays!

Animal Attractant: Millet (White Proso) - Wild Bird Seed & Feed
Millet (White Proso)

The finch and sparrow enjoy this seed!

Animal Attractant: Peanut in Shell - Wild Bird Seed & Feed
Peanut in Shell

Squirrels, Jays, Ducks, Geese, Nuthatches, Woodpecker and Pheasants will empty your feeder in no time!

Peanut Rejects / Peanut Splits - Wild Bird Seed, Feed & Attractant
Peanut Splits

Squirrels, Jays, Woodpecker and Carolina Wrens will empty your feeder of these raw peanut splits in no time!

Animal Attractant: Rabbit Pellets - Wild Bird Seed & Feed
Rabbit Pellets

Alfalfa pellets used to feed the wild bunny or your tame rabbit.

Buy Premium Quality Wild Bird Attractant - Safflower Cardinal Feed

Specialized seed for Cardinals, not many other birds enjoy this!

Scratch Feed - Wild Bird Seed Attractant for All Birds
Scratch Feed

Every bird will find something to eat in this mix! Ingredients include cracked corn, oats, and wheat.

Whole Corn for Deer & Wildlife - Wild Bird Feed & Animal Attractant
Shelled Whole Corn

Outstanding for Deer and Other Wildlife.

Animal Attractant: Black Oil Sunflower - Wild Bird Seed & Feed
Sunflower - Black Oil

A Cardinal, Finch, Chickadee and Pine Siskin Must!

Animal Attractant: Grey Striped - Wild Bird Seed & Feed
Sunflower - Grey Striped

Squirrels, Jays, Woodpeckers and Blackbirds like the larger seed!